Setting a Product's Base Price

Setting a Product’s Base Price

Product SKUs are created without a set base price. So, you’ll need to add one before it’s added to the Catalog’s Base Price List. Once added, this price serves as the default price for the SKU when no overrides (e.g., other Price Lists or Promotions) are applied to it.

Setting a Product’s Base Price

Follow these steps to assign a price to a SKU:

  1. Open the Global Menu (Applications Menu icon), click on the Commerce tab, and go to Products.

  2. Click on the desired product.

  3. Go to the SKUs tab, and click on the desired SKU.

  4. In the Details tab, enter the desired value in the Base Price field under Pricing.

    Optionally, you can also set a Promotion Price and Cost for the SKU.

    Set the product's base price.


    Prior to Liferay DXP 7.4 U42/GA42, Promotion Price was called Sale Price.

  5. Click on Publish.

The SKU’s base price and any other entered values are now set. You can directly edit this amount at any time or modify it using Price Lists, promotion prices, and discounts.

Commerce 2.1 and Below

Products are located in the Control Panel in the legacy versions.

  1. Navigate to the Control PanelCommerceProducts.

  2. Click on a product (Torque Converters in this example).

  3. Click the SKUs tab.

  4. Click on a SKU (MIN55859 in this example).

  5. On the Details tab, enter the following in the Pricing section:

    • Price: 34
    • Promo Price: (leave it blank) (If you enter this field, then both the price above and promo price will appear on the product page so that buyers can see the markdown.)
    • Cost: 20

    Setting a product's base price in 2.1

  6. Click Publish.

This product SKU’s base price, promo price (optional), and cost (optional) have been set. The Cost field corresponds to your cost for this SKU which can help you track margins.