Modified Facet

The Modified Facet narrows search results down to those that match the searched keyword and results that were created or modified during a certain time period.

Example of modified facet results.

In addition to selecting a pre-configured time period, Users can select a Custom Range, specifying a From and To date using a date picker.

Configuring the Modified Facet

To configure the Modified Facet, open the Options menu (Click on the options icon of the search bar.) of the facet and click Configuration.

Click on the Configuration option.

Display Settings: Choose between Default, Compact Layout, and Label Layout. The Default layout shows checkboxes next to each term but the Compact layout does not. The Label layout shows small clickable labels for each term.

In Advanced Configuration, you can modify, delete, or create time ranges:

The available time range aliases include


By default, all the time ranges end in *, which evaluates to now. For example, the past-week range is

[past-week TO *]

But you are not limited to ending the range to now. Instead of *, you can specify another time range alias as the ending point.

For example, to set up a range from 12 months ago to one month ago,

  1. Click the plus button in one of the existing ranges.

  2. Give it the label Past 1-12 Months.

  3. Give it a Range value of

     [past-year to past-month]

This gives you a lot of flexibility in using alternative time ranges as Modified Facet terms.

Once finished, click the Save button.