Searching for Content

All indexed content (a.k.a. assets in Liferay DXP) can be returned as search results. Custom content can also be indexed, so your installation might have additional asset types beyond the ones included by default. The following image shows an example of the different types of content that is indexed in Liferay DXP:

If these apps are deployed, their content is searchable by default.

Searching for Liferay Objects

Liferay 7.4 includes Liferay Objects, a GUI-driven application-building framework. Fields of each Object’s definition can be declared searchable; Object Entries (the records submitted by the application’s users) can then be queried and returned in the Search Results widget.


The scope of the Object determines how it must be searched:

  • If the scope of the Object is Company, the Object’s Entries are only searched when the Search Bar is configured to search Everything.

  • If the scope of the Object is Site, the Object’s Entries can be searched when the Search bar is configured to search in This Site.

The Type Facet and the Search Results widget support searching for Liferay Objects in the following manner:

  • The Type Facet automatically includes published Objects:

    Published Objects are added to the Type Facet widget.

  • The Search Results widget automatically displays the Object Entry’s title and a summary.

    A title and a content summary are displayed for Object Entries.

Additional Information