Adding Custom Fields to Users

Many of Liferay’s assets and resources can be extended with new fields. This includes adding custom fields for Users:

  1. Navigate to Control PanelConfigurationCustom Fields.

    Navigate to Custom Fields in the Control Panel

  2. Scroll down and click the link for User.

  3. Click Add (Add icon) to add a new custom field.

  4. Choose a field type and click Save.

There are different field types to choose.

Field Types

Text and Numbers

Text Area: Collect longer lines of text.

Input Field: Collect a string of text, a decimal number, or an integer.


Dropdown: Provide a dropdown list to select a single option. The list can be text, decimal numbers, or integers.

Checkbox: Provide a list of checkboxes to select one or more options.

Radio: Provide a list of radio buttons to toggle a single option.

Other Field Types

Geolocation: Collect the User’s geolocation information.

Date: Collect date and time information.

True/False: Provide a choice of True or False.

For example, you can select the Dropdown field type to add a custom category for your users to select.

For example, you can select the Dropdown field type for your users to select.

Using Your New Field

  1. Navigate to Control PanelUsersUsers and Organizations.

  2. Click the Add icon (Add icon) to add a new User. You should now see the newly added custom field at the bottom of the form.

    New custom field is now visible when adding a new user