Configuring Your Site’s Friendly URL

Friendly URLs are used for both Public and Private Pages. The public Site base URL is https://localhost:8080/web, and the private one is https://localhost:8080/group. This helps Users quickly access their Site without having to recall an extended URL. Each friendly URL must be unique. The URL path is appended to the https://localhost:8080/ URL (i.e. https://localhost:8080/web/my-site/).

Setting a Site’s Friendly URL

To update your site’s friendly URL, follow these steps:

  1. From the Site Menu on the left side of the screen, navigate to ConfigurationSettings.

  2. Scroll down and expand the Site URL panel.

  3. Enter a new URL in the Friendly URL input and click Save to apply the changes.

You can configure a friendly URL for your Site.

If you add a friendly URL for your Site’s Home Page, follow the additional steps in the next section.

Updating Your Instance’s Home URL

If you add a friendly URL for your instance’s Home Page, you should update your instance’s Home URL field so that page requests to http://localhost:8080 redirect properly:

  1. Open the Global Menu ( Global Menu icon ) and go to Control PanelInstance Settings.

  2. Select Instance Configuration under the Platform heading and click the General link.

  3. Under Navigation, enter your new friendly home URL into the Home URL field. For example, setting the friendly URL of your default Site to /my-site makes your Site’s public Home Page’s URL https://localhost:8080/web/my-site/home. So, you would enter /web/my-site/home.

Enter the updated home URL to redirect to your new friendly URL.

Once you’ve entered this setting, page requests to localhost:8080 redirect to the friendly URL of your Liferay DXP instance’s new Home Page.