Managing Page Hierarchies

Using the Page Hierarchy, you create public and private pages and organize those pages in whatever order or structure that you see fit.

Creating a Page

Click Site BuilderPages to create a new page. You can create public pages which anyone can view or private pages, which can only be viewed by Site members. See Adding a Page to a Site to learn how to add a page.

Once the page is created, it appears in the hierarchy, and you can move or organize its position there.

Organizing Pages

You can reorder pages in the hierarchy (and subsequently the default navigation that users see) by dragging and dropping them into position. The page at the top of the list is the first page that users see automatically when visiting your Site. You can treat this as the Site’s landing page.

Reordering Pages

  1. Click the Product Menu (Product Menu).

  2. Click Site BuilderPages.

    The Site Builder is where you can manage your pages.

  3. Drag and drop Page 2 above Page 3.

  4. Click Home to see the changes.

    Page 2 is now before Page 3.

The page order has been changed.

Nesting Pages

You can nest pages up to four levels:

  1. Click the Product Menu (Product Menu).

  2. Click Site BuilderPages.

  3. Drag and drop Page 3 inside Page 2 to nest it.

  4. Drag Page 2 inside Page 1.

    Page 3 has been nested into page 2 which is nested in Page 1.

  5. Click Home to view the nested pages.

Public and Private Pages

As noted above, private pages work just like public pages, except they can be viewed only by registered members of a Site. In the default configuration, public pages are at the URL [web-address]/web/[site-name] while private pages are at [web-address]/group/[site-name]. Other than the membership distinctions, public and private pages share the same behavior.

Configuring Page Options

Users can access page options by clicking the Options (Option) icon.

Function Description
View View the selected page on the Site.
Configure View the Page Configuration screen.
Copy Page Create a new page in the current Site that duplicates the selected page.
Permissions Configure the page's Permissions.
Orphan Widgets Clears the data related to widgets that have been removed from the page.
Delete Deletes the page and all its data.