Managing Page Hierarchies

With Liferay, you can organize Pages into hierarchies to achieve the desired structure for your Site. This can be done by directly adding child Pages to an existing Page or by reorganizing existing Pages into parent/child relationships.

To view a Site’s Page hierarchy, open the Site Menu (Site Menu), expand Site Builder, and click Pages.

Open the Pages application to view and manage your Pages hierarchy.

The Page listed first is the first Page users see when visiting your Site.

You can drag and drop Pages to reorganize them in the hierarchy. Pages can be nested up to four levels.

Drag and drop pages to create the desired hierarchy.

Configuring Page Options

Users can access page options by clicking the Options (Option) icon.




View the selected page on the Site.


View the Page Configuration screen.

Copy Page

Create a new page in the current Site that duplicates the selected page.


Configure the page’s Permissions.

Orphan Widgets

Clears the data related to widgets that have been removed from the page.


Deletes the page and all its data.

Additional Information