Upgrading a Theme

Themes developed for previous versions of Liferay DXP must be upgraded in order to be deployed to a new version. The gulp upgrade task updates Liferay version references and theme dependencies. This allows you to deploy your theme to newer versions of Liferay.


The Liferay Theme Generator is used to run the upgrade task. If you have not done so, then install it with this command:

npm install -g [email protected]

Install the Yeoman and Gulp dependencies with this command:

npm install -g yo gulp

Running the Upgrade Task

Use the upgrade task to update the theme’s version dependencies.


The upgrade task may change or overwrite files in your theme. Back up your theme’s files before running it.

Run this command from inside your theme’s folder:

gulp upgrade

A warning appears reminding you to back up your files if you have not yet done so. When ready, type “y” (or “yes”) to continue at the prompt.

? We recommend creating a backup of your theme files before proceeding. Are you 
sure you wish to start the upgrade process?

Confirm that the upgrade task has completed with the messages in the console:

Finished 'upgrade' after 36 s

The version numbers in your theme are now updated, and you can now deploy it to the new version of Liferay DXP.