Configuring Fragment Styles

Fragment Styles can be used to customize the look and feel of Page Fragments. You can add borders, change the font, the background color, or upload background images. See the Fragment Styles Reference for a complete list of all available styles. Available styling options are defined in a Style Book; see Using a Style Book to Standardize Site Appearance for more information.


Many of the styles correspond to CSS classes. If you know CSS, many of the fields will be familiar.

To configure a Fragment’s style:

  1. Navigate to the Site where the content is published.

  2. Click Edit on the Content page.

  3. Select the desired Fragment (for example, a Container Fragment or HTML).

  4. Click the Selection (Selection icon) icon.

  5. Click the Styles tab.

  6. Configure the Fragment’s styles as desired.

    Configure Fragment Styles in the Selection menu.

  7. Click Publish when finished.

The Fragment’s styling is updated.