Adding Widgets to a Page

Widget are applications that can serve a variety of functions. Some can be used to display content and others are full featured collaboration applications, like the Message Boards widget.

Follow these steps to add a widget to a Widget Page:

  1. Click the Add button (Add) in the Control Menu.

    The Widgets panel contains several default widgets that you can use to add functionality to the page.

  2. Open the Widgets panel and either browse through the categories of available widgets until you find the one you want, or you can search for widgets by name.

  3. Drag the widget to the column and row of the page layout where you want to place it.


In DXP 7.3+, you can click the eye icon at the top of any Widget Page to toggle the widget controls for all widgets. When disabled, the widget controls do not pop up when you hover your cursor over them.


Widgets are rendered according to render-weight on Widget Pages.

Additional Information