Other Page Types

Content Pages are the most commonly used page type, but other page types are available for certain use cases.

Full Page Application

The Full Page Application page type creates a page that displays a single application that fills the entire page. See Using the Full Page Application Page for more information.

A Full Page Application page displays a single application that spans the entire width of the page.

Page Set

The Page Set option creates a container for subpages that is not actually a page itself.

A Page Set page acts as a container for other pages.


The Panel option creates a page containing any number of applications as selected by an Administrator, but only one is displayed at a time. Users select the widget they want to display from a menu on the left side of the page. The selected application takes up the entire page.

A Panel page provides a specified subset of applications to a User on a page.


The Embedded option displays content from another website inside your instance in an iframe. The website appears in context and within the navigation of your Liferay DXP instance.