Duplicating Fragments

When building a Page or Template with Fragments, you can duplicate configured Fragments to save time. A duplicated Fragment includes the original Fragment’s settings, including its mappings and other customizations.


If you want to save Fragment configurations for reuse in other Pages and Templates, you can save them as new Fragments. See Saving Fragment Compositions for more information.

Follow these steps to duplicate a Fragment:

  1. Begin editing a Page or Template that supports Page Fragments.

  2. Click the Fragment you want to duplicate.

  3. Click the Fragment’s Actions button (Actions Button) and select Duplicate.

    This immediately creates a duplicate of the Fragment in the Page or Template.

    Click the Fragment's Actions button and select Duplicate.


Layouts (Sections or Rows) containing instanceable Widgets cannot be duplicated. In this case, a message appears indicating the Widget preventing the duplication.

Additional Information