Using the Show-Hide Rule

Users can use a Show action show a field if a condition is met. Otherwise, this field is hidden.

This example uses a camp registration form with two text fields:

  • I am 18 Years Old or Older: a required single selection field with two options: Yes and No.

  • Legal Guardian Email Address: a text field that accepts valid email addresses.

Configuring the Show Action Rule

To configure a Show-Hide action rule:

  1. Click the Rules tab.

  2. Click the Add (Add) button.

  3. Select I am 18 Years Old or Older from the If dropdown menu.

  4. Select Is equal to from the next dropdown menu.

  5. Select Value from the third dropdown menu.

  6. Select No from the final dropdown menu.

    Build form rules quickly by defining your conditions and actions.

  7. In the Actions section, select Show from the dropdown menu.

  8. Select Legal Guardian Email Address from the second Options dropdown menu.

  9. Click Save when finished.

    Once a rule is saved, it is displayed so that you can easily understand what it does.

Now the Legal Guardian Email Address field appears only if the user selects No in the I am 18 years old or older field.

Additional Information