Using the Calculate Rule

Users can create Calculate rules that populate a numeric field by calculating its value based on other fields. For example, a Calculate rule can calculate a camp or conference’s total registration costs by multiplying the number of attendees and the registration fee (17 people at $130 each).


Calculations are limited to numeric fields.

This example has a form with three numeric fields:

  • Number of attendees: a numeric field.

  • Registration Fee: a numeric field with a predefined value of 150.

  • Total: a numeric field where the total will be displayed.

Configuring the Calculate Rule

The calculation is defined using the embedded calculator. Use a mix of numeric field values, mathematical operators, and constants to define calculation rules.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Rules tab.

  2. Click the Add (Add) button.

  3. Select the Number of attendees from the If dropdown menu.

  4. Create the condition: Is greater thanValue0.

  5. Select Calculate from the Do dropdown menu.

  6. Select Total from the Choose a Field to Show the Result dropdown menu.

  7. Using the embedded calculator, enter (NumberofAttendees*RegistrationFee).

    Calculate the registration total by multiplying the two fields.

  8. Click Save when finished.

The Calculate Rule has been created.

Calculate the registration total by multiplying the two fields.