Creating Form Templates

Form Templates control how the data entry form appears for a data definition. To create a new Form Template,

  1. Navigate to Content & DataDynamic Data Lists.

  2. Click the Options icon (Options) at the top-right and click Manage Data Definitions.

  3. In the list of data definitions click the definition’s Actions icon (Actions) and click Manage Templates.

  4. Click the Add icon (Add) and click Add Form Template.

  5. Give your template a name, then expand the Details section and give it a description.

    Give your template a name and configure the form.

  6. Scroll down to the graphical designer in the View tab, and make your desired changes. For example, you can move or delete fields, change field labels, and more.

  7. Click Save when you’re finished.

Alternatively, you can create Form Templates from the Dynamic Data Lists Display widget:

  1. Follow the instructions in the Creating Data List article for adding and configuring the widget in a Site page. Make sure to configure the widget to show the list you’re creating a template for.

  2. Click the widget’s Add Form Template link. This opens the same form as above for creating a form template for the list’s definition.