Portal Developer Properties

There are Portal Properties that facilitate development. Liferay’s file includes all of them. The file is enabled by adding this setting to the top of your file:

Developer Settings

Developer Setting Description Automatically upgrades the database when a module's build number has been increased since the last deployment. Executes the upgrade process when the portal starts and modules are activated. Disables merging the theme's CSS files to facilitate debugging. Disables merging the theme's image files to facilitate debugging. Disables loading the packed version of files listed in the properties Liferay-JS-Resources-Top-Head and/or Liferay-JS-Resources-Top-Head-Authenticated of OSGi bundles' manifest files.
javascript.log.enabled=false Disables the display of JavaScript logging.
layout.template.cache.enabled=false Disables caching layout template content.
combo.check.timestamp=true Facilitates debugging by disabling the combo servlet. See the combo.check.timestamp definition for more information.
json.service.serialize.throwable=true Returns information about server errors in the JSON response.
minifier.enabled=false Enables minification of CSS and JavaScript resources. Checks modules during server startup. Enables console access for debugging modules.
work.dir.override.enabled=true Allows using the Liferay work directory to override JSP files within a deployed OSGi bundle.

Additional Information