Maintenance Mode and Deprecations in 7.4

With each new DXP release, a feature may not warrant continued enhancements or may become obsolete. Stopping enhancements for a feature puts it in Maintenance Mode.

Maintenance Mode: The feature is supported but no longer being enhanced.

Obsolete features are eventually removed or replaced with newer, better features. Before dropping support for an obsolete feature, Liferay marks it Deprecated.

Deprecated: The feature will be unsupported as early as the next minor version release. For example, support for a feature deprecated in 7.4 can be dropped as early as 7.5.


Plan to stop using deprecated features because their support may cease as early as the next minor release.


Please see Maintenance Mode and Deprecation Policies for details.

Deprecated Feature Availability

Deprecated features have different availability:

Bundled: The feature is included in the Liferay product.

Marketplace: The feature is included in a Marketplace app final version.

Final: The final version of the Marketplace app is released for this Liferay version.

Archived: The feature is unavailable, but its code is available in a sources artifact on Liferay’s repository at

Removed: The feature and its code are unavailable.

Features Deprecated in 7.4

Here are the features deprecated in 7.4:

Feature Availability Notes
EXT Plugin Support Removed Replaced by configuration settings and standard extension points.
App Builder Removed To be relaunched as Liferay Objects in Liferay 7.4.

Features deprecated in earlier Liferay versions may also need to be considered, if you are upgrading from an earlier version.

Features Moved to Maintenance Mode in 7.4

Here are the features moved to Maintenance Mode in 7.4:

  • TBD