Uninstalling Patches


After you install a patch, you may decide to restore your installation to a previous patch level. Here you’ll learn how to

  • Uninstall Patches

  • Revert (uninstall) all patches at once.

Uninstalling a Patch

You can uninstall patches and restore your installation to a desired patch level.

  1. Remove the unwanted patch from your patches folder.

  2. Run the ./ install command to restore your installation to the patch level that the remaining patches in the remaining patches folder define.

Your DXP installation now has the patch level that your patches specify.

Reverting All Patches

If you want to remove all or most of your patches, it may be easier to use the Patching Tool’s revert command. The revert command removes ALL patches from the DXP installation, bringing it back to the original installed version (e.g., GA1).

  1. Remove all of your patches.

    ./ revert

    All of the patches are removed from your patches folder.

  2. Bring your installation back up to a desired patch level by installing the applicable patches.


It’s helpful to store your patches in a convenient location in case you want to restore your installation to a particular patch level. You can always download fix packs again from the Customer Portal.

Reverting a Hotfix

You can uninstall a hotfix while preserving your current Fix Pack.

./ revert -hotfix

Any installed hotfix is removed and the current Fix Pack level is maintained.

Now you know how to restore your DXP installation by uninstalling and reverting patches.

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