Patching Liferay

As Liferay releases fixes, you’ll want to keep your DXP instances up to date. Liferay aggregates fixes and makes them available to Enterprise Subscribers in ZIP files called patches.

Patch Types

There are several different kinds of patches, and they serve different purposes.

  • Fix Packs: Resolve the most recent issues.

  • Security Fix Packs: Address the latest security issues immediately.

  • Hotfixes: Requested by customers to fix business critical DXP issues fast.

  • Service Packs: Incorporate larger fixes that require more testing. Service Pack releases also include full DXP Service Pack Tomcat bundles.

Patch Types explains all of the patch options.

Installing Patches

Once you have a patch you need, you can use Liferay’s Patching Tool to apply it. Installing Patches provides the basic steps for patching DXP safely and comprehensively.

Configuring the Patching Tool

The auto-discovery command configures the tool automatically for Tomcat bundles and common app server configurations. You can also configure the Patching Tool manually to handle DXP installation variations.

Other Patching Topics

As you start applying patches regularly, you may need to submit patch information in support requests or uninstall patches you no longer need.

Patching DXP 7.2

The following topics provide best practices for managing patches in DXP 7.2:

Now that you’ve digested the patching overview, learn about the Patch Types available to you. Then you’ll be ready to apply patches following Installing Patches.