Using the Contacts Center Widget

The Contacts Center widget lets users form these connection types:

  • Connection: A two-way relationship formed by a user accepting a connection request from another user. The Activities widget on each user’s private Dashboard displays the activities of the other user.

  • Following: A one-way relationship in which one user follows another user. The followed user’s activities appear in the Activities widget on the follower’s private Dashboard.

After the widget is deployed on a user’s private Dashboard, users can form their own social connections.

Adding the Contacts Center to a User Dashboard

  1. Click on the user avatar > My Dashboard.

  2. Click the Add button.

  3. Click Widgets then Social to expand the menu.

    Adding the Contacts Center Widget

  4. Drag and drop the Contacts Center widget to the desired location on the page.

    Contacts Center Widget

Connecting With a User

  1. Click the person you want to connect to (Richard Roe).

  2. Click Connect.

    Connecting a user

  3. Verify that the confirmation message displays.

    Verify that the success message displays.

  4. The person receives a request in their notifications menu.

    Viewing the connections request

Once the person accepts the connections request, he or she appears in the list of connections. To disconnect, click on the user avatar then Disconnect.

Following a User

  1. Click on the user you want to follow in the Contacts Center widget.

  2. Click Follow.

    Following a fellow user

  3. On the widget home page, click You are following (x) people. to see the list of users you are following.

    Viewing the users you are following

To unfollow a user, click on the user avatar then Unfollow.

Blocking a User

  1. Click on the user you want to block.

  2. Click Block.

    Viewing the users you are following

  3. To unblock a user, click Unblock.

    Viewing the users you are following

Downloading a vCard

Users can download their connections as vCards in the .vcf format.

  1. Click on the person (Jane Doe).

  2. Click vCard.

  3. The browser opens a confirmation window; click Save then OK to download the user’s electronic business card.

    Downloading a vCard

Users can upload the .vcf file to their email and SMS system of their choice.

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