Subscribing to a Message Board

Users can receive email updates and in-product notifications by subscribing to a Message Board. By default, users are automatically subscribed to any threads they create and can opt in to subscribe to categories or specific threads via email or RSS feed.

Subscribing to a Category or Thread

To subscribe to a thread or category:

  1. On the Message Boards widget (on a site page), click the Actions icon next to a Category or Thread (in this example, Category 1)

  2. Click Subscribe.

    Subscribing to a Category

The user has now subscribed to Category 1. The user will be notified of any changes, such as new threads and subcategories being created under Category 1.

To see which categories and threads you have subscribed to:

  1. On the Message Boards widget (on a site page), click My Subscriptions.

    Managing your subscriptions

Subscribing using RSS Feeds

Message Boards can be published as RSS feeds. RSS for Message Boards are enabled by default and Liferay DXP supports RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, or Atom 1.0.

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