Running a TestΒΆ

  1. Open the file on your poshi-standalone directory and add the following line, replacing the TestCaseFileName#TestCaseName with the one you created in Creating A Testcase file. If you followed the provided testcase and test name, it should be LiferayLearnSearch#CannotSearchForMyName.
  2. Open terminal on the poshi-standalone directory and run ./ validatePoshi (gradlew.bat validatePoshi on Windows). This runs poshi validation which checks for errors in syntax, invalid functions, and other errors. If there are no errors, validation should run successfully. If there are errors, see Debugging Poshi.

  3. Run the command ./ runPoshi to run the test. A browser should pop up and automatically run the test without user input.

  4. Once complete, the results can be viewed in the poshi-standalone/test-results/LiferayLearnSearch#CannotSearchForMyName directory. For more information on test results, see Understanding Test Results.