Using to Sync Object Data with Google Sheets

Available 7.4+

Here you’ll learn how to use webhooks to trigger sync tasks between Liferay Objects and Google Sheets using Syncing your data in this way requires an premium account, Google Spreadsheet, and active DXP 7.4 instance. The DXP instance must also have a published Object with the desired fields for sending or receiving data to the Google Spreadsheet.

Syncing Object Data to a Google Sheet

Follow these steps to sync Object data to a Google Sheet:

  1. Sign in to and click Create a Bot.

    Open and click Create a Bot.

  2. For the Trigger step, select the Webhooks app.

    Select Webhooks.


    Webhooks is a premium feature.

  3. For the Trigger Event, select Incoming Hook.

    Select Incoming Hook.

  4. Copy the generated webhook URL.

    Copy the Webhooks URL.

  5. In your Liferay instance, use the copied URL to define an Object action that sends a request to the webhook endpoint whenever a new Object entry is added.

    Define an action that sends a request to the webhook endpoint whenever an entry is added.

  6. Add a test Object entry to trigger the webhook.

    This allows the Webhooks app in your bot to determine the Object’s data structure automatically.

  7. For the Action step, select the Google Sheets app.

    Select Google Sheets.

  8. Click Authorize to connect the app with a Google account.

    Choose a Google account to connect.

  9. For the Action field, select Add Row.

    Select Add Row.

  10. Select the desired Spreadsheet and Worksheet to sync with the Object and click Save.

    Select the desired Spreadsheet and Worksheet.

  11. Turn on your bot.

    Turn on your bot.

  12. Add an Object entry to test your bot.

    Test your bot using live data.

  13. Verify the bot successfully received the Object data and triggered the Google Sheets action.

    Verify the test was successful.

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