Liferay Front-end Add Menu

The add menu tag creates an add menu button for one or multiple items. It’s used for actions that add entities (e.g. a new blog entry), and is part of the Management Bar. Use the <liferay-frontend:add-menu> tag to create the add menu and nest a <liferay-frontend:add-menu-item> tag for each item.


This pattern is deprecated as of @product-ver@. We recommend that you use the Clay Management Toolbar’s creation menu pattern instead.

When the menu has one item, the button triggers the item’s action as shown in the example below for the Blogs Admin App:

        inline="<%= true %>"
          title='<%= LanguageUtil.get(request, "add-blog-entry") %>'
          url="<%= addEntryURL %>"


The add button pattern consists of an  tag and at least one  tag.

When the menu has multiple items, they display in a pop-up menu. For example, the Message Boards Admin application has the configuration below:

    <liferay-frontend:add-menu-item title='<%= LanguageUtil.get(request,
    "thread") %>' url="<%= addMessageURL.toString() %>" />
    <liferay-frontend:add-menu-item title='<%= LanguageUtil.get(request,
    (categoryId == MBCategoryConstants.DEFAULT_PARENT_CATEGORY_ID) ?
    "category[message-board]" : "subcategory[message-board]") %>'
    url="<%= addCategoryURL.toString() %>" />

The add button pattern consists of an  tag and at least one  tag.

The examples above use some of the available attributes. See the add menu and add menu item taglibdocs for the full list of available attributes for the tags.