Disabling All or Portions of the Management Bar

When there are no search results to display, you should disable all the Management Bar’s buttons, except the sidenav toggler button.

You can disable the Management Bar by adding the disabled attribute to the liferay-frontend:management-bar tag:

        disabled="<%= total == 0 %>"
        includeCheckBox="<%= true %>"
        searchContainerId="<%= searchContainerId %>"

You can also disable individual components by adding the disabled attribute to the corresponding tag. The example below disables the display buttons when the search container displays 0 results, since changing the display style has no effect when there aren’t any results to view:

        disabled="<%= total == 0 %>"
        displayViews='<%= new String[] {"descriptive", "icon", "list"} %>'
        portletURL="<%= changeDisplayStyleURL %>"
        selectedDisplayStyle="<%= displayStyle %>"

You can disable all or portions of the Management Bar.