Store Emails

You can configure Liferay Commerce to send email notifications for a variety of store event triggers. Templates are customizable and define the content of an email. You can configure a single event to trigger emails to different target audiences using OOTB wildcards or by specifying the email addresses you want to send them to. For each of them, you must use a notification template.


To use Liferay Commerce’s Notifications feature, first configure the Mail settings for Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP). See Configuring Mail for more information.

Configuring Store Email Notifications

After configuring Liferay Commerce’s mail settings, navigate to the Control PanelCommerceChannels to begin creating store email notifications. Email notifications are configured per channel. Using an accelerator creates a store, catalog, and channel for you to start with.

The Notification Templates available out-of-the-box.

Event Triggers

There are ten events that can trigger email notifications. You can use one of the out-of-the-box Notification Templates to create a standardized email notification.

Notification Type


Order Placed

The store has received an order.

Order Processing

The store has begun processing an order.

Order Awaiting Shipment

The order is ready to be shipped.

Order Partially Shipped

The customer is notified if the items are being shipped separately.

Order Shipped

The order has been shipped.

Order Completed

Order delivered and marked as complete

Subscription Renewed

Renewal of a subscription (recurring order)

Subscription Activated

Activation of a subscription

Subscription Suspended

Suspension of a subscription pending review or action by the store.

Subscription Canceled

Cancellation of a subscription

Configuring a Notification Templates for a Channel.

Viewing the Notification Queue

You can view all email notifications in a channel’s Notification Queue. Here, you can verify the status of emails that have been triggered by an event.

The Notification Queue contains a list of the triggered notifications.

By default, the system checks the Notification Queue at 15 minute intervals for unsent notifications. See Configuring the Commerce Notification Queue article to learn more about changing the Check Interval.

Customizing an Email Notification Template

You can customize the Notification Templates with your own text and wild card values that get substituted for key values in the Email Settings and Body fields. Some of the wildcards include a customer’s name, the Order ID, shipping and billing addresses, and a list of items in the order.

For example, the Email Body field can contain:


Your [%ORDER_ID%] has been shipped to [%ORDER_SHIPPING_ADDRESS%].

The wild cards are then replaced with the relevant content when sending the email.

See Notification Template Variables Reference Guide to learn more.

Viewing Order Communications History

Email notifications related to an order are tracked and you can review them under the Emails tab of an order. Navigate to the Control PanelCommerceOrders. Click on an Order ID then the Email tab. See Orders Information to learn more.

You can view the triggered notification under the Emails tab of an Order.