Configuring the Commerce Notification Queue

When channel events trigger notifications, Commerce logs them in the channel’s Notification Queue tab with the Unsent status. By default, Liferay checks for queued notifications every 15 minutes and sends them if they have the Unsent status. However, if a notification has the Unsent status after 43200 minutes (30 days), Liferay deletes it.

You can change the interval for sending and removing queued notifications.

  1. Open the Global Menu (Global Menu) and navigate to Control PanelSystem Settings.

  2. Click Orders and then select Commerce Notification Queue.

  3. Enter new values for the Notification Queue Entry Check Interval and Notification Queue Entry Delete Interval fields. Values are set in minutes (e.g., 15 = 15 mins).

    Change the default values for the Notification Queue Entry Check and Delete Intervals

  4. Click Save.

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