Liferay Commerce Configuration Overview

Liferay Commerce 3.0’s configurations are reached through the Global Applications menu.

Access Commerce 3.0 via the Global Application menu.

Navigate to the Global Applications menu → Commerce. Administrators can configure:

Liferay Commerce 2.1 and Below

Liferay Commerce 2.1 configurations are divided into several locations in the Liferay Product Menu. The Commerce Control Panel drop down contains configurations and settings that apply globally to the Liferay Commerce installation. The Commerce Site Menu drop down contains configurations and settings that are scoped to a specific store site.

Commerce Control Panel

Navigate to the Control PanelCommerce. Making changes to any of the follow configurations will apply across the store sites.

Global Commerce Settings

The Commerce Global Settings menu contains the following tabs:

Commerce Global Settings Tab

Commerce Site Settings

Commerce 2.0 and below

The following configurations are scoped to the selected store site. Changes here are not applied to other stores hosted on the same Liferay Commerce instance.

Navigate to the Control PanelStore SiteCommerce.

Minium Full Site Settings

The following site settings are found here: