Currencies Reference

Liferay Commerce has several currencies pre-configured and ready to use. Each store must have a primary currency enabled, to be able to process orders. This article serves as a reference for the metadata associated with each currency.

To manage currencies, navigate to Control PanelCommerceSettings then click the Currencies tab.

Adding a New Currency




Name of the currency


Currency’s 3 letter ISO code

Format Pattern

Currency’s sign, the number of digits to come between commas, and which places are displayed. For example, in the format $###,##0.00 for US dollars, the places held by 0 are always displayed (as 0 if no other digit is present) while the places held by # are only displayed if occupied. A value of 0.01 in the above format would be displayed as $0.01.

Maximum Decimal Places

Maximum number of digits to the right of the decimal point allowed

Minimum Decimal Places

Minimum number of digits to the right of the decimal point allowed

Rounding Mode

A type of rounding mode from the drop-down menu


Toggle to designate whether this currency is the store’s default currency

Exchange Rate with US Dollar

Currency’s exchange rate compared with the store’s primary currency; by default, USD is designated as the primary currency but can be modified in the UI.


Order in which the currency is displayed in the table; the higher the number, the further down it is displayed


Toggle to activate this currency

Additional Information