Using the Inventory Management System

Availability: Commerce 2.1+

Liferay Commerce’s Inventory Management system is a single place for users to manage inventory across an entire Liferay Commerce instance.

Users can add inventory items, view the list of orders for a particular item (SKU), designate Safety Stock, and view historical changes to items. Inventory Management is also tied to the warehouses; from here, users can also view the stock available in each warehouse.

To manage your inventory, go to the Global Applications menu → CommerceInventory.


Inventory Management is located in the Control Panel if using Commerce 2.0 or 2.1.

Adding an Inventory Item

Each inventory item is tracked by a SKU. Users can add multiple SKUs in the Inventory Management and ensure that there is adequate quantities for each SKU.

To add an inventory item:

  1. Navigate to the Control PanelCommerceInventory.

  2. Click the (Add Icon) icon.

  3. Enter the following:


    • Warehouse: United States - Southwest

    • Quantity: 120

    Add a new inventory item.

  4. Click Submit when finished.

The new inventory item has been added.


Each product in the inventory must be associated to at least one SKU.

Setting Inventory Safety Stock

Safety Stock is product inventory that is physically located in a warehouse but has been to set aside and made unavailable for sale. This could be for a prospective order or the items are to be sold on a different channel. Once set, available stock for the item is reduced for the configured warehouse.

To set a safety stock quantity:

  1. Click on the SKU (12 PACKMOCHA).

  2. Click the 3-dot icon (Actions) → Edit next to the warehouse.

  3. Enter the following:

    • Quantity on Hand: 40 (leave as-is)

    • Safety Stock Quantity: 5

    Set a safety stock quantity.

  4. Click Save when finished.

  5. Close the window.

Once the Safety Stock quantity has been set, the number has decreased in the Available column.

Setting a safety stock quantity reduces the available stock in that warehouse.

Viewing On Orders

  1. Click on the SKU (MIN55681).

  2. Click the On Order tab.

    Setting a safety stock quantity reduces the available stock in that warehouse.

Users can view all the orders that include this SKU.

Adding Incoming Stock

Store managers can enter incoming stock quantities and the expected delivery day.

  1. Click on the SKU.

  2. Click the Incoming tab.

  3. Click the (Add Icon) icon.

  4. Enter the following:

    • Quantity: 20

    • Destination: Choose a warehouse (United States Northeast)

    • Expected Delivery Date: Choose a future date (7/01/2020)

    Add incoming stock.

  5. Click Submit when finished.

Once the incoming quantity has been added, this is updated on the Overview tab.

The incoming stock quantity is updated on the SKU's Overview tab.

Viewing Inventory Changes

The Changelog tracks the following events:

  • When an order is placed, the quantities are booked (allocated) to fulfill the order.

  • When a shipment is created, the previously booked quantity is committed; the inventory is updated by removing the amount previously booked.

  • When a quantity is added to the inventory

  • When a quantity is moved between warehouses.

  • When a shipment is cancelled, the previously allocated quantities need to be returned.

  • Any update action to an inventory item.

Changelog tracks changes.

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