Setting Up Commerce Warehouses

Commerce Warehouses represent physical locations where Product inventory is stored. Each Warehouse can be linked to multiple Channels and must have a set geolocation to be activated. These geolocations are used by the Fedex shipping method when calculating shipping costs for customers.

When using an accelerator to create a Commerce Site, three sample Warehouses are created.


When setting up commerce warehouses, users may need to first enable the applicable country and region location of the Warehouse (state or province). See Adding Regions for more information.

Adding a Warehouse

Follow these steps to add a new Warehouse:

  1. Open the Global Menu (Global Menu), click on the Commerce tab, and go to Warehouses.

  2. Click the Add button (Add Button).

    Click the Add button to create a new Warehouse.

  3. Enter a Name and Description (optional) for the new Warehouse.

  4. Switch the toggle to Active. Activating a Warehouse requires a geolocation.

  5. Select which Channels are associated with the Warehouse.

    Product inventory for a Channel is determined by its associated Warehouses.

  6. Enter a Warehouse Address.

  7. Enter the Warehouse’s Geolocation (required for activation).

    Alternatively, you can use Bing Geocoder to automatically generate a Warehouse’s geolocation. Using this feature requires the Warehouse has an address. See below for more information.

  8. Click Save.

Once the Warehouse is activated, you can add Product inventory to it.

Using Bing Geocoder to Set a Warehouse’s Geolocation

Commerce provides integration with the Bing Maps API to automatically generate Warehouse geolocations. To use this feature, you must have a Bing Maps account and Bing Maps Key.

Then, follow these steps to configure the Bing Geocoder for your instance:

  1. Open the Global Menu (Global Menu), and go to Control PanelSystem SettingsCommerceShippingBing Geocoder.

  2. Enter your API Key.

    Enter your API Key

  3. Click Save.

Once the Geocoder is configured, you can generate Warehouse geolocations for any Warehouse with a set address. Simply navigate to the Warehouses page, click on the Actions button (Actions Button) for the desired Warehouse, and select Geolocate. The Geocoder converts the address into latitude and longitude coordinates.

Select Geolocate

Commerce 2.1 and Below

To add a warehouse in the Control Panel:

  1. Go to Control PanelCommerceSettings.

  2. Click the Warehouses tab.

  3. Click the Add Warehouse (Add Icon) button.

  4. Enter the following:

    • Name: Warehouse name (e.g. North Vegas Warehouse)

    • Description: Warehouse description (e.g. North Vegas Processing Center)

  5. Switch the toggle to Active.

  6. Enter the warehouse address.

  7. Select a channel. Product inventory for the channel will be based on the associated warehouse.

  8. Enter the geolocation data (required):

    • Latitude: 36.282974

    • Longitude: -115.136

    Setting Up Commerce Warehouses

  9. Click Save when finished.

The new warehouse is now active and available as an option in the Shipment tab.

Additional Information