Low Stock Action

With Liferay Commerce, you can set up automated actions for when a Product’s inventory falls below a specified threshold. While Commerce only includes the Set as Unpublished low stock action out of the box, you can create custom low stock actions if desired.

Follow these steps to set up a low stock action for a Product:

  1. Open the Global Menu (Global Menu), click on the Commerce tab, and go to Products.

  2. Click on the desired Product.

  3. Click on the Configurations tab.

  4. Select a Low Stock Action using the dropdown menu.

  5. Enter a Low Stock Threshold to determine when the action is automatically triggered.

  6. Click on Publish.

Once configured, the selected Low Stock Action is triggered whenever the Product’s inventory falls below the set threshold.

Commerce 2.1 and Below

Access to the Products are found in the Control Panel. To configure a Low Stock Action:

  1. Navigate to the Control PanelCommerceProducts.

  2. Click on a product (for example, U-Joint)

  3. Click the Configurations sub-tab.

  4. Enter the following:

    • Inventory Engine: Default

    • Availability Estimate: 5-7 Days

    • Display Availability: YES

    • Display Stock Quantity: YES

    • Low Stock Threshold: 5

    • Low Stock Action: Set as Unpublished

    • Allow Back Orders: Yes

    • Minimum Order Quantity: 1

    • Maximum Order Quantity: 5

    • Allowed Order Quantities: 1

    • Multiple Order Quantity: 1

    Product Configuration for Low Stock Action

  5. Click Publish.

The Low Stock Action for this product has been configured. In the future, should the number of stock fall below 5, the “U-Joint” product will be unpublished.