Widget Reference

Widgets are building blocks you can use to add content and dynamic functionality to your Commerce Site. While Liferay DXP includes a wide variety of generic widgets, it also includes dedicated Commerce widgets that you can use to build the desired shopping experience for your customers.

The following article documents all the Liferay Commerce Widgets and their functions.




This widget provides in Site access to the Accounts application where users can view their Account information


This widget lists all items selected for purchase. Users can view Product details (i.e., description, price, discount, quantity, and total), as well as update Product quantities or remove Products.

Cart Summary

By default, this widget lists the current cart subtotal, taxes, and total along with a Checkout button. However, you can use the Basic template to simply display the cart total or create your own template using FTL.

Category Content

This widget is used in Category Pages to display related category content.


This widget provides access to the checkout workflow so users can open a new order for cart items. It prompts users to enter a shipping address, select a shipping and payment method, review the order summary, and confirm it.

Commerce Addresses

This widget provides users quick access to Account addresses. With it, they can add, remove, or edit Account addresses.

Commerce Categories Navigation

This widget displays a list of links to Category Pages according to the widget’s configuration.

Coupon Code Entry

This widget provides a field for entering and applying coupon codes to Cart items.

Dashboard Date Range Selector (removed in DXP 7.3+)

This widget allows users to specify a date range to refine search results.

Mini Cart

This widget provides quick access to a compact summary of the Cart application.

Open Carts

This widget displays a list of all pending orders.

Option Facet

This widget allows people to search a Site using Product Options associated with a Product.

Order Forecasts Chart (previously named Dashboard Forecasts Chart)

This widget is used to display SKU, Account, and Category forecasts generated using Analytics Cloud forecasts.

Organization Management

This widget displays a list of all organizations

Placed Orders (previously named Orders)

This widget displays all Channel orders, so users can review order details and reorder Products.

Price Range Facet

This widget allows users to specify a price range to refine their search results.

Product Comparison Bar

This widget displays Products selected for comparison, according to the configured renderers.

Product Comparison Table

This widget displays specifications for selected Products side by side.

Product Details

This widget is used in Product display pages to display a Product’s details (e.g., description, specifications), available SKUs, and any custom Option fields. It also allows users to add the Product to the cart, select it for comparison, or add it to a wish list.

Product Downloads

This widget allows users to access and download assets included in purchased Virtual Products.

Product Publisher

This widget sorts and displays multiple Products from a Catalog. Clicking on a Product redirects users to the Product’s display page.

Product Subscriptions

This widget lists all of an Account’s Product subscriptions.

Search Result

This widget displays Product search results according to the selected renderers and configured pagination.


This widget displays Channel shipments. With it, users can access shipment and order details.

Shop by Diagram (previously name Commerce BOM)

This widget displays diagrams that map an object’s components to individual Product SKUs.


This widget can be used to sort Products by relevance, price, name, or date added. When sorting by price, the widget considers the Product’s base price only.

Specification Facet

This widget allows users to use Product Specifications to refine search results.

Wish List Content

This widget displays the content of a wish list.

Wish Lists

This widget displays all of an Account’s wish lists.

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