Creating Your Storefront

Building a store in Liferay Commerce requires more than a complete catalog. Store administrators building a storefront from scratch will need to add a series of pages to display and sell their products. This article serves as a reference for pages that may be created for a functional storefront.

Using an Accelerator, such as Minium will create these pages for the user. Liferay Commerce is built on Liferay DXP - click to learn more about Creating Pages.

The following types of pages may be created:

Page Name


Widget(s) Used

Account Management

Page where store administrators can manage Users and Accounts



Main page where customers can search for products and refine their search results.

Search, Option Facet, Specification Facet, Category Facet and Search Results.


Displays all items in the shopping cart

Cart, Cart Summary, Mini Cart


Displays a summary of all selected goods for purchase



Displays a side by side comparison of the different selected products



Displays the customer’s Wish Lists

Wish Lists and Wish List Contents

Pending Orders

Displays a list of all pending orders

Open Carts

Placed Orders

Displays a list of all orders in all statuses


Product Details

Displays information about the product and related products

Product Details and Product Publisher


Allows users to search

Search, Tag, Category Facet, Option Facet, Specification Facet

Spare Parts Finder / BOM

Displays a list of materials that make up a particular product

Commerce BOM

Additional Information