Liferay Commerce Connector to PunchOut2Go Reference Guide

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This article describes configuration terms for Liferay Commerce Connector to PunchOut2Go.



Punch out session

The set of actions between when the user is successfully logged into the Liferay Commerce platform and the cart is transferred back to the Punch Out system


The existing session storage built into Liferay that is used to store data related to the Punch out session

Punch out Start URL

The URL for the user to start the Punch out session and go to the catalog page for the specified Liferay Commerce channel

Punch out Return URL

The URL for the user to return back to their procurement system

Punch out Cart

The cart containing the buyer’s items selected for purchase

Purchase order

The final approved draft of the order submitted by the buyer

Punch out Access Token

A single-use token used to auto-login the Punch out user

Punch out vendor

The third-party vendor that connects punch out catalogs with buyer procurement systems

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