Liferay Commerce Widget Reference List

A widget is a building block that makes it possible to display a wide range of content in your store. Many display real-time, dynamic data and create opportunities for your customers to interact with your store. The Widget tool makes it easy to place existing content such as blocks with images and text, and interactive elements most anywhere in your store.

You can use widgets to create landing pages for marketing campaigns, display promotional content at specific locations throughout the store. Widgets can also be used to add interactive elements and action blocks for external review systems, video chats, voting, and subscription forms, or to provide navigation elements for tag clouds and image sliders.

The following article documents all the Liferay Commerce Widgets and their functions.

Type Description
Accounts List of all accounts created in the instance on the Account Management page
BOM Displays a diagram which maps to all related products in the catalog
Cart Displays all items to be purchased before checkout
Category Facet Displays and sorts all product categories
Dashboard Date Range Selector Allows users to specify a date range to refine their search
Dashboard Forecasts Chart Allows users to see future projected sales based on current data; using machine learning (ML) architecture
Open Carts Displays a list of all pending orders
Option Facet Allows users to search using all the Product Options associated with this product
Orders Displays a list of a placed orders
Organization Management Displays a list of all organizations
Product Comparison Bar Displays selected products for future comparison
Product Comparison Table Displays selected products' specifications side by side
Product Details Displays information about a product and adds the product to the cart
Product Publisher Displays and sorts the items in a specific catalog; clicking on an item redirects to the item's Product Details page
Search Bar Field where users can search for products
Search Result Displays all search results
Specification Facet Allows users to narrow their search using the Product's Specifications
Wish List Contents Displays the entries in the selected wish list
Wish Lists Displays all wish lists